Top Ten Mount and Blade Warband Mods

Posted: March 3, 2011 by Mods Reloaded in Games

I started playing Mount and Blade Warband about a year ago and i have found it to be quite an addictive game. Other games have been and gone but Warband has always been around for me to pick up again. If im getting bored of Native play i can just go out and try any of the probably thousands of mods out there made by the dedicated modding community all designed to improve gameplay, sound, quests, textures, maps and provide many hours of enjoyment.

I really wish i could i could say i had a comprehensive knowledge of all the mods out there for the game but i dont im afraid.

I am just a regular gamer who has been playing the game for a while and has compiled a few favourites along the way and wants to share.

Here is a list of my (current) Top Ten favourite Mount and Blade mods, they are not listed in any order of preference and i have not played a game with them all installed at the same time.

1. Battle time. A mod to allow you to fight in a single player campaign and host the battles you have so your friends can join in.

2. Morghs Mount and Blade Warband Mod Tools. An amazing little utility to mod the python and TXT files using a graphical user interface. I do not have much experience using this utility as i have decided to leave the modding to the big boys, however ive used it enough to appreciate its abilities.

3. 1.134 patch. If you have Mount&Blade: Warband version 1.1 or above, you can upgrade your game to the latest version using this patch.

4. Prophesy of Pendor. This mod is basically a new land for you to conquer all over again! There are new characters, new plots, a whole lot of fun!

5. Custom Commander. If like me you get frustrated when your character gets injured in a battle and you have to let your army fight without you, which leads to over half of them dying in the process then give this mod a go. It allows you to take control of an npc until there is no one left to fight, giving you a higher chance to win.

6. Diplomacy. The Diplomacy mod has to be one of my favourites. It adds so much to the game in terms of interaction both as a vassal and as a King, and it doesnt stop there, you can appoint people to take over your affairs whilst your out pillaging.

7. Roman invasion. I think this is a cool mod to have, I loved seeing Romans and Gaul’s battling it out on the field, and some of the tweaks listed on the mod page I really liked! Larger Bandit groups and cattle following you being my favourites.

8. Song of Taliesin – I am completely biased towards this mod and will always have a copy of it saved! That is because i used to live just down the road from a place in Wales called Taliesin and grew up hearing stories of Welsh Folk Heroes and actual Welsh history. This mod is a great way to run around in Dark Ages Northern Britain, and i have to say almost everything that could be changed in the game to authenticate the feel was, and it worked in my opinion.

9. TweakMB – What can i say that the title doesnt? Tweak Mount and Blade, literally everything you could ever want to tweak within the game, and if the option isnt there it will be soon. This mod is under pretty much constant construction!

10. More Metal Sounds – Last on the list but by no means least, a brilliant mod that is used in some other mods and one I prefer to have on as i feel the overall sound quality of the game has been improved.


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